"Testimonial for the Magician, Ashby North.

If only the world could be filled with the images of Ashby North’s drawings, our daily troubles would evaporate into gargantuan smiles spreading from ear to ear. Age matters not as colorful animal and human characters form a whimsical play in a world hungry for such visual and necessary delights. 

His drawings create an imaginative universe that gives my eyes, mind, and heart a lightness of being. I may not know the story, but the animated creations that inhabit his vibrant environments give rise to journeys I want and need. Or rather, we need. Thank you, Ashby, for giving me visual pleasures that always brighten my day.”

Jonathan Mann 
Art Professor and Art Historian

"Ashby North’s illustrations happily model kindness and positivity for young people. His brightly colored images are bursting with a sometimes-gleeful optimism surrounded by mystery, wonder, and exuberance. Ashby’s steady hand is adept at paper-based drawing and technologically enhanced media and he consistently produces charming, diverse subjects and characters."

Jane Newhagen
Author, Educator, and Mother-of-Two

“Ashby is a superior illustrator, whose artistry is bourne from a beautifully spiritual
place deep within his heart. You cannot ask for a more talented, more dedicated
or more congenial collaborator. I have had the great pleasure of narrating two of
his stories. Ashby always aims for the good and the beautiful. I must, however,
also speak of Ashby North as a man who has a vision and is able to maintain that
vision and bring it to fruition despite the problems and difficulties such efforts often
encounter. Ashby is a remarkable artist and it has been my great pleasure to know
and work with him.”

Marc Spiegel   
Playwright, Storyteller, Performer and Creator of Einsteinshow

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