William North spent his youth living in and traveling through numerous countries with his family. From these travels, William had many amazing experiences, a life full of discovery and adventure, which now informs his creative work.

When he majored in Fine Arts, William was a performance artist in which he sought to create community through participation. For example, through the Writer's Center of Washington D.C. William once built a venue in an art fair in which he hung a series illustrations and invited children to write stories to the art.

Since then, William has been a freelance illustrator focusing on various markets, such as editorial and advertising, but his real passion has always been illustrating children's stories.

Each image William creates reveals a story within it, suggesting there is more to be told. But where does William get his inspiration? It is William's own playful nature and his wish to bring something good to the world to benefit others, that is the well spring from which his inspiration and creativity comes.

Bachelors in Fine Arts and an AFA in Graphic Design from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
The Illustrator’s Club of Washington D.C.

SCBWI Summer Conference 2021
Los Angeles Summer Conference 2020
SCBWI Winter Conference 2019
Regional SCBWI Conferences 2018-2019

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